Outdoor Adventures in Oahu, Hawaii - Health & Wellness Pt. 2


In Part 1 of our roundup of Kahala Hotel & Resort health-and-wellness experiences, we detailed our blissful onsite spa treatments and our wide-ranging restaurants. This time around, we’ll survey a few of the outdoor activities that manage to combine healthful exercise with loads of world-class scenery and fun.

Waterfall Touring

Oahu’s emerald mountains drink up plenty of trade-wind rains, and the combination of plentiful moisture and steep terrain (as elsewhere in windward Hawaii) makes for some of the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Hiking to these whitewater plunges is far from mere outdoor recreation, given the splendor of the island’s tropical forests and the almost hypnotic power of the falls.

In a recent blogpost, we spotlighted one of the best-known of Oahu’s cataracts: Manoa Falls, an easy trip from the Kahala. It’s a real beaut, as is the lush forest traverse to reach it. And then there are the many waterfalls of the North Shore: marvelous Maunawili Falls, an exuberant cascade in the Maunawili Valley that peals into a swimmable plunge pool; the 15-foot streamer of Laie Falls near Oahu’s northeastern coast; and regal Waimea Falls, one of the centerpieces of the Waimea Valley botanical garden.

Swim with Dolphins!

For many of our guests here at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, one of the all-out highlights of their stay is the chance to swim with the resident bottlenose dolphins of our natural seawater lagoon. All the sleek and shiny members of the Kahala pod—Kolohe, Nai Noa, Liho, Lono, Liko, and good old Hoku (namesake of our Hoku’s Restaurant)—love interaction with people, and we have a full range of different dolphin meet-and-greets available. Feed and cavort with the friendly cetaceans, or learn the ropes of becoming a dolphin trainer.

Like trekking to a rainforest waterfall, hanging with our lagoon dolphins is both physical activity and an almost spiritual, stress-relieving odyssey. Here on Oahu, such mind-, body-, and heart-nourishing pastimes aren't hard to come by—and we just about specialize in them at the Kahala Hotel & Resort!

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