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E Ola Mau Loa
"Live Forever"

In the Hawaiian traditional way, we believe that if you take from the land, you must give back to the land. By giving the lei back to the land, we allow the lei to nourish and rest back in its rightful place to finish its natural life cycle. Please drape your lei on the tree located as you exit the lower lobby level towards the Dolphin Quest or the Pool.

Fresh Hawaiian lei embody the spirit and warmth of aloha and is considered as a sign of welcome, respect and love. Giving a beautiful lei to someone means expressing love, affection, honor, tribute and friendship. Leis create a connection between the giver and receipient and byย returning your lei toย nature means returning your aloha toย the islandย respectfully.

Incorporating the traditional Hawaiian practices/concepts of land stewardship and sustainability into your life is the way to preserve this beautiful island for generations to come.

Please visit and learn more about The Kahala Initiative for Sustainability, Culture and the Artsย by clickingย here.ย